Saturday, October 24, 2009

India offers to share satellite data with ASEAN countries - Rest of World - World - The Times of India

CHA-AM HUA HIN(Thailand): India on Saturday offered to help southeast
Asian nations in management of natural

disasters by sharing satellite
data for the region and launch small satellites built by them.

"We would be ready to share satellite data for management of natural
disasters, launch small satellites and scientific instruments and payloads
for experiments in remote sensing and communication for space agencies and
academic institutions in ASEAN countries," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
said here.

He was addressing the Seventh India-ASEAN Summit in this scenic Thai beach
resort town with the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations

The Indian Space Research Centre (ISRO) has one of the largest
constellation of advanced remote sensing satellites in the world which
orbit the earth at regular intervals.

Images of the earth received from these satellites can be utilised for
disaster management initiatives in the ASEAN region, parts of which are
prone to cyclones and earthquakes.

In addition, the Prime Minister said, India would be happy to participate
in projects under the ASEAN's Work Plan for 2010-15 in areas such as
education, energy, agriculture and forestry, and small and medium
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